In the words of those we serve….

“I desperately needed help with food and personal items. While talking to the Shepherd’s Staff ladies, they also helped me with my rent so I could afford to pay the medical bill that would enable my cancer treatments to continue. Their help means so much to me. It shows that in this world there are people with big hearts, and my only wish is to pay it forward one day.”

“Shepherd’s Staff has always been there for me. No matter the situation, they are very caring and giving. Miss Velma will help you to the fullest, and if she can’t, she will make phone calls to find someone who can. I am blessed to have people like The Shepherd’s Staff that are still here to help.”

Down on my luck and homeless, hungry, fighting addiction they put their hand out to help me. This place and the people that work here are truly God sent. Now that things are starting to look better and trusting in God, I’m writing this to show my appreciation for all that has been done for me. Thank you. God Bless.”

“My son believes in magic and it has been hard to keep from telling him magic does not exist. Lately, it has become apparent that I have been so very wrong. The caring people at The Shepherd’s Staff are what magic truly is. From books that light up my son’s day, to financial help in obtaining my RN license, your program is proof there really are kind people in the world, and that is a great thing to know and believe in.”

“I just got emergency custody of my grandson. If not for The Shepherd’s Staff Back to School Program, he would not have anything to go back to school with. Thank you so much from both of us!

“Shepherd’s Staff has helped me tremendously with school supplies. It is a wonderful organization that helps people in need. I’m a single Mom of 2 trying to figure out how to get what they need, and The Shepherd’s Staff has blessed me with the chance.”

“I remember back when I was homeless, living in my car. Shepherd’s Staff provided a place for me to shower and wash clothes, (which enabled me) to go out and find employment. Since then, me and my family have been doing well and cannot fully express how grateful we are for The Shepherd’s Staff.”