Emergency Financial Assistance accounts for over 60% of our outreach spending.

We provide families and individuals with assistance in the following:

  • Healthcare: prescription (funded by Rx Fund), vision, dental, audio, medical

  • Housing: rent, mortgage, security deposits

  • Utility: electric, fuel, water, telephone

  • Temporary lodging: hotels, tents, campgrounds

  • Family nurturing: summer camp & daycare fees, purchase of care copays

  • Transportation: gas, auto expenses

  • Household: moving, storage, appliances, furniture, repairs

  • Funeral cost

  • Job related: IDs, Certifications, GED

  • Other emergency requests considered

 “The Shepherd’s Staff has helped me with numerous things when I have had absolutely nothing. I was in a car accident and off work and couldn’t get any help elsewhere. The Shepherd’s Staff has been a life saver to me.”